kate mchugh stevenson - secretary 

Kate McHugh Stevenson is a gardener, bread baker, knitter, canner, woods walker, writer and drawer, graduate of Syracuse University (journalism) and the Geneva University of Art and Design (critical studies), and currently works on the carding, spinning, and dyeing of a very large basket of raw fleece. She blogs at https://wildeconomies.wordpress.com

michelle jones - events co-ordinator

Michelle Jones is a trained actor with a BA in Performing Arts & has worked with children in theatre environments & in the home. Over the last 15 years Michelle has worked in the Australian Film & Television Industry in various production, art department & location roles & can whip up an event within an inch of its life! 

bronwyn lay - creative director 

Bronwyn Lay PhD is the creative co-ordinator of Dirt Foundation events and projects. She is a lawyer, writer, editor and event curator.​ She can be contacted at bronwyn@dirtfoundation.org

photo by Alison Pouliot. http://www.alisonpouliot.com

Who are we?  

Dirt foundation hosts events and encounters that explore the bonds between culture and nature. We support projects that explore all types of bonds: creative, scientific, ecological, nutritive, technological, religious, legal, historical, economic, playful -  with a view towards exploration, discovery, recovery and confirmation. All humans are bonded to the world, to nature, but we're often not aware of the myriad of ways we are bonded, particularly in an age of intense and fast communication and political change. What we now know is that there all many cultures and many natures, and dirt foundation is open to exploring all of them. 

While the presence of bonds is universal for all of us, and we experience them every nano second, each bond is particular. To this end it starts from where we are: trying to articulate and express possibilities for a world where we inhabit both material and social communities. Dirt Foundation starts from the simplest gesture – to be where we are and create with the world rather than as isolated individuals. 

Drawing together people and places from diverse sites, cultures and passions Dirt Foundation is ultimately about a creative conversation and engagements that starts with the bonds between us and the food we eat, art we create, homes we inhabit, communications we participate in, movements we make and the material connections we make that both nourish and challenge us.  It commences from the ancient truth that all human cultures emerge with the earth and wishes to uncover both basic and complex bonds in order to imagine and enact ways of being that co-create wherever we are: dense cities to wild seas. Thus Dirt Foundation is transnational and will appear differently according to the creative processes and bonds of the cultures and natures it appears. 

Dirt Foundation is as simple and complex as dirt itself. 

Bronwyn Lay.