alice evans

coolamon: catering, hospitality, cooking. 

Alice has been with dirt foundation from before it was born. She is the quiet wonder behind Coolamon, which has gifted many dirt events due to Alice's expansive horticultural knowledge: she knows where food comes from. Coolamon is an Aboriginal Australian (Murri) word for a carrying vessel for food and babies, and Alice's food arrives with beauty to remind us of the simplest bond - nourishment and life. 

jane le besque


Jane Le Besque, visual artist, explores mans origins, diet and rituals. Jane is concerned with the future of the natural world exasperated by mans alienation from nature and devastating projects of colonization, a lethal combination heading for cultural and organic sterility.  Jane's interest in Dirt Foundation brings many disciples together, all aiming to nurture dirt (earth & soil). Dirt, for Jane, is a metaphor for the interwoven relationship between humanity and nature - an organic throb, constantly reshaping itself through migration, climate, and cultural, economic and political changes. Jane is currently working on a book, "Du jardin à l’assiette," a collection of African recipes written by women from the Dati Seni Association.  The recipes, adapted to a diet appropriate to those suffering from HIV/AIDS, feature vegetables grown in the Dati Seni organic therapeutic garden in Lyon. It is such fertile projects that Jane hopes to exchange with Dirt Foundation.

amaara raheem

Amaara Raheem is a Sri Lankan born Australian / British choreographer, performer and writer. Inspired by a longing for and belonging to several lands and identities her work embodies multi-layered experiences of in-between-ness. Her work articulates ethics in relation to aesthetics, placing words, objects and movement in parallel to embody knowing as flux.  Raheem is a practice-led PhD candidate at School of Architecture and Design, RMIT. Her doctoral research will investigate performing mobile identities of sea passage, particularly in relation to the political, structural and mytho-poetic object of ‘the boat’.