Kate McHugh Stevenson guided the school through an adventure with sourdough. From wheat fields, leaven upkeep, dough mixing, kneading and baking to butter aerobics and crêpe making, Kate shared her knowledge of the science of fermentation with the kids. One of the school's neighbors, Mr. Baudet, visted on day two to share his experiences of working in a bakery during the 1940s and told stories about the village of Vesancy during World War II. It was a lovely end to two days of bread, stories, sticky fingers, and flour-covered floors in a place where history penetrates the fermentation.

"Dirt Summer School...Whatta Week! One of the best weeks I've had in all my European adventures. What began as an idea became Dirt Children! We gathered each hot July day with open minds and friendships burgeoning, and the children gobbling up our dirt activities as heartily as they did the delicious freshly baked sourdough and churned butter treats! 

 We wandered through forests, foraging and gathering and creating artwork from nature & dirt, without a phone in sight. Relaxing in cubbies, playing & learning about the gift of nature and our role to be equally as hospitable, erstwhile championing the heat with crazy water-fights. 

I am amazed & delighted by the gang we forged and impressed by they way these kids look at the world, art, nature & DIRT. " Michelle Jones Dirt School Co-ordinator. 

The Dirt Summer School was launched in July 2015 in Pays De Gex France. It was a week-long stage for children aged between 9 and 17 and the theme was Dirt Creation: art, music and living skills inspired from found objects and habitat. 

Abbey Odunlami and Iveta Hajdakova ran a workshop on hospitality. They took everyone Into the forest to explore what a guest and host are, and then back to the village where the hosts made a meal for the guests.