Dirt Foundation is collaborating with the Encountering Materiality conference and summer school to be held at the University of Geneve in June 2016. The conference Encountering Materiality: Science, Art, Language will take place in Geneva, Switzerland from 23-25 June 2016. This conference is co-organized by the English Department of the University of Geneva and by the Dirt Foundation.


Encountering Materiality is a conference that positions itself at the intersections of the sciences, arts and literary theory, intending to weave these three seemingly disparate sites into one  with the belief that their coming together is a matter of extreme urgency, necessary for the common articulation of sensibilities that make knowledge in the twenty-first century possible. The conference is part of the fields of New Materialism and the Environmental Humanities, but is not restricted to them.

As humanity meets philosophical and earthly limits, we are being drawn closer into a confrontation with materiality and matter. The call of this conference will respond to how science, the arts and language enact the encounter with materiality as an entanglement of relationships, meaning, matter and movement.

The conference will invite a broad community of engagement from within academia and with practitioners of matter, facilitating conversations about ways of knowing so that essential questions of our time can be explored in collaboration, enriching scholarship.

The Dirt School for kids will return in Autumn at dates to be announced in late September. See the Dirt School for details. There is also plans for a Spring School to be co-organised with kids and Michelle our school co-ordinator. Details evolving. 

Fungi Foray – Autumn 2015 – with one of our first collaborators Alison Pouliot, the Dirt Foundation continues its annual foray into the Jura forests to explore and learn about fungi and their incredible hold on the dirt. 

Dirt Retreat for adults will be held on the 2nd and 3rd of January in Vesancy France. Details evolving.